Supply Chain Apps

Automation + Communication + Collaboration

Get apps customised to your specific operational requirements at a low-cost

Field Reporting:
Data Collection + Image Upload

Bring information level to a whole new level with real-time, accurate and complete in field reporting and image upload that is immediately available in the cloud.

Safety, Quality & Non Conformance (NCR) Reporting

Paper based systems are outdated, use a dedicated app for accurate reporting that becomes instantly available to all stake holders within the business.

Warehouse Scan Putaway App

Warehouse operators can easily scan pallets into a put-away or storage location. This same functionality can be extended for order picking and shipment, completely eliminating manual processes.

Dock Traffic Control App

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Use the latest technologies to create a complete dock traffic control app to eliminate all manual processes, increase performance through instant communication and coordination between drivers, gatehouse, dock controllers and the receiving/dispatch team.

Transport Location App

Track and coordinate between a distribution team for real-time collaboration.  Log driver hours & track progress of deliveries.

Customer Ordering App

Move away from manual or paper based ordering methods by giving your customers a web app to place their orders.

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