• Automate your internal workflows
    Eliminate manual processes using cloud services and web apps
  • Communciate Better
    Real-time data availability increases an organisation's decision making effectiveness and reduces costs
  • Ease collaboration within your business
    Take advantage of instant communication provided by the latest technologies for more effective & automated coordination

Custom Web Apps

No matter your business area, there likely is a mass of available tech solutions already available on the web that can be taken advantage of to solve almost any business problem.

For example, migrating your data and information to the cloud is an easy way to massively increase collaboration, it can not be underestimated how powerful this is as it makes the information that a team needs become live and real time as compared to dead files in a single user's computer.

Whatever your project or idea we are happy to work with you to make the project a success.

Additional Services

  • User Accounts
    Additional Email accounts for GMAIL or OUTLOOK
  • Process Automation
    Business process and task automation set up
  • Web Apps On Your Site
    Get a web app specifically tailored to your site
  • Web Integration
    Integrate your site & services with other web technologies
  • Web Technologies Training
    1 on 1 online or face to face training for back-end, Google Suite or Office 365
  • Excel & Microsoft 365 Trainning
    From basic level to advanced power user level able to automate business processes
  • Microsoft 365 Sharepoint & PowerApp Development
    Make the best possible use of the cloud tools that you have available to increase collaboration and automation in your business
  • E-Commerce Infrastructure Set Up
    Integrate your services with e-commerce tools and services in order to best serve your customers in the digital world

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