Case Study - CLOUD based reporting and SC tools

Using Microsoft 365 as a system back end for Automated Supply Chain Tools
System Diagram
Technologies Employed
Microsoft Flow  / Power Automate

Power Automated allows for incoming data to be automatically ingested into the Microsoft 365 cloud without any manual steps involved.

Power BI

PowerBI is the leading reporting and analysis tool in the market. With this implementation it allows for fully automated and interactive reporting available in the cloud whilst still having the highest levels of security provided by Microsoft.


By taking advantage of Microsoft 365's integrated apps, Sharepoint groups can be employed as an user group as well as a pseudo-database with the benefit of not needing an IT implementation or capital expenditure.

Power Query

All data ETL (Extract, Transform, Loading)  is done using Power Query and M language. Allowing for fully automated data clean up, transformation and transformation.

Microsoft Teams

Teams channel inboxes receiving email subscriptions from system. Can also be used to manually infeed data to Microsoft 365 cloud where they are automatically organised using Microsoft Flow

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